The Asia Today
The Latest Business Opportunity in East Region

The world’s second and third largest economies are found in the continent of Asia in the east namely China and Japan. These two countries are included in the top ten largest shareholders and soon, India too will join the team. In fact, many first world countries are found in Asia including South Korea, Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore and others. Other neighboring countries are striving to get to the top. Asia has been recognized for its long trading power with a total of three to four trillion dollars. In fact, almost 50 % from Asian economy has been supporting the whole world. China is one of the top global trading nations that surpasses even the US. Trade in this region is growing faster. Japan is known economically for manufacturing high quality automobiles, production of the largest electronic goods.

Over the past two decades, the Asia Pacific region has served as the engine of growth for the global economy from the emergence of China, Japan and South Korea as an economic powerhouse to the rise of an Asian middle-class resulting to the rise in global financial success of the region.  In ASEAN countries, you can see that there is a great divergence in the economic growth. Korea is rich in cultural elements while Philippines has a stable political aspect. There are countries like Thailand and Indonesia who will benefit in investment from neighboring developed countries such as Japan especially in automotive cluster which are already strong needs to economists. There is a future in Asia economy. It is even foreseen that after ten to fifteen years, Asia economy’s percentage which is 50% now will be 75% in the world which will even surpass America and Europe. As long as the people despite the difference in religion and culture will engage and unite, the economic future of Asia will go well.